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23 May, 2024


Welcome to Applebees Coupons! Get up to 25% off at Applebee’s by using the promo codes on this Fan page for Applebees coupons, menus and discount information. If you LOVE Applebees restaurants like us, then we assure you, that you will love it even more when getting a good deals on top of an excellent dining experience.

Just follow some of the tips here and you can sometimes even get FREE menu items, as well. You can also visit our ‘APPLEBEES’ MENU’ page for information about Applebees menu changes and new dishes.

DISCLAIMER: This page is not affiliated wit or endorsed by or any of the Applebee’s trademarks.  This site is intended as an informational tool only with tips and advice on restaurants coupons and menus. For the Applebee’s website, please visit

If you want more information about the Applebee’s company and the Applebees Menu, then please see our ‘APPLEBEES MENU’ page.

Applebees coupons printable

Applebees coupons: This is an example of a typical printable Applebees coupon, offering a great discount of 7$. NOTE: This coupon has already expired, but keep checking back for more promotional codes and offers.


The Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar is on of America’s most popular chains of restaurants and for good reason. The restaurant always deliver consistenly high quality can always offer the traditional dishes that Americans love and trust.
But saving money is also an American favourite pastime, so coupon hunting has become a sport. Here we aim to offer you the latest Applebee’s coupons available online and to advice you on ways to find more.

We will update the page every 2 months to ensure that the latest coupon codes are listed. But If you can’t find the right Applebees coupons hosted on our website, here are some tips on where to find them:

Finding Applebees Coupons:

One of the best, and most obvious, waysto find Applebees coupons is online on the company’s own website. Current special deals are showcased on the official Applebees websites. You can also sign up on their website with an email-signup, and you will then receive an email from time to time with the latest deals. For example,you will get a FREE desert on your birthday, if you do so.

If you are looking for printable Applebees coupons, then  you might be dissappointed. There are no reliable sources of online printable Applebees coupons, that we know of, and if you will do a  google search for them, then 99% of the results will be expired coupons.

However, that doesnt mean that  Applebees coupons does not exist On the contrary, just search your own Junk mail that you will normally throw out. If you have a Applebees Restaurant closeby then changes are that they will occassionally send you buy-1-get-one-free coupons in the mail. Now, this is just not philantropy of course, but a tried and tested marketing technique. They will gain new customers, that are likely to become repeat customers, as they have had a great dining experience and a good bargain.  And you should just take advantage of these coupons and get a good discount.

Applebees coupons and deals can also be found through local papers, where the deals can found in abundance if you really look for them, especially in the sunday editions.

Lastly, a good tip is to sign up at or, as these sites also offer local Applebees promotions from time to time.

Applebees coupon codes and current deals:

Another increasingly popular way of getting discounts is by the use of coupon codes or promo codes. If you already know what you will order, then you can go online before your restaurant visit, type in your order, type in a coupon code add checkout, and bingo you got yourself a discount!

Below we have listed some of the latest coupon codes and promo codes, plus the current deals.

NOTE: Please note that coupon codes are mostly active only for a short period like 2 months, before they expire, and some of the codes below may already have expired by the time your read this

Examples of 2012 Applebees offers: (For the latest offers and coupons, please see the comment section.)

APPLEBEES COUPON CODE:6006491345631832298. Gift card coupon.

$50 Applebees gift card for only $40 on

APPLEBEE’s GIFT CARD COUPON CODE:60064913461816552246.
Receive a $10 gift card FREE when you buy $50 in gift cards.

COUPON CODE:perkme711
Will give you $10 off

COUPON CODE:perk4me711
Also, 10$ off.

Applebees’ Facebook page offer: FREE $10 Bonus Card when you buy $50 in Gift cards.


1 Appetizer + 2 Entrees for just 20$.

This offer is a great promotion being run by Applebee’s right now. For just 20$ you can get 1 appetizer to share, plus 2 entrees, which because of the generous portion sizes, will be enough to feed 2 people. Amazing offer! The offer inlude entrees like the Bruschetta Chicken and the Chicken Fettucine Carbonara.


Kids can eat FREE on Tuesday evenings between 5-9 pm at Applebee’s in Kansas  For each paid adult entree, 2 childen (ages 12 and under) will eat for free – no coupon required.  This offer is also available in other states, but the terms may differ. Sometimes the kids eat free offer will be on mondays, sometimes wednesdays, so just call up your local restaurant and ask about this excellent promotion.

Applebees coupons and All-you-can-eat deals. Just 5.99$ on lunch combos of salads, soups and bread.

This is one of Applebee’s best offers: The Applebees All-you-can-eat  lunch deal is Just 5.99$ on lunch combos of salads, soups and bread. Excellent!


For more Applebees Coupons and coupon codes, please check in regularly as we will update the site every 2 months. If you come across an active coupon code or a tip, then please add it in the comment section below.

Need more tips?

For more about Applebee’s please see our page Applebees Menu.

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    Save 10-12% at Applebees with Applebees gift cards!

    This is one of the best deals around. The trick is to buy the gift cards from a third party, not the Applebees website itself.

    www. (save 12%)

    www. (save 12%).

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    Florida Club Applebees offers: HALF PRICE APPETIZERS.

    Enjoy 1/2 price Appetizers from 10 p.m. until close every day of the week. Potato Twisters, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Cheeseburger Sliders, Mozzarella Sticks and More! MUST include a beverage purchase. Excludes Ultimate Trios and Appetizer Sampler.

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