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23 May, 2024

Chuck e Cheese Menu with prices

+ Chuckecheese coupons.

Here we have conveniently added the Chuck E cheese Menu with prices from a west coast chuckecheese location. Please, remember that these are 2012 prices and that the prices vary one chuck e cheese location to another, due to differences in overhead cost, staff cost etc. So this Chuck e Cheese menu is just a guide.

You can also see the Chuckecheese menu at, but on the official site, the menu is spread out over 5 different pages. Here we have the whole menu on 1 easy page!

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Ok, here we go. Here is the menu:


Chuck e cheese Pizzas:

Individual Small Medium Large
Plain Cheese $6.29 $10.99 $13.99 $16.99
1 Topping $6.48 $11.58 $15.78 $18.98
2 Topping $7.47 $13.17 $17.57 $20.97
Extra Portions $0.89 $1.59 $1.79 $1.99

Toppings: Pepperoni, Sausage, Beef, Canadian Style Bacon, Chicken, Bacon Bits, Black Olives, Mushrooms, Pineapple, Jalapenos, Red Onions, Green Peppers, Sliced Tomatoes, and Extra Cheese!


Chuck e cheese Specialty Pizzas:

Small Medium Large
Specialty Pizzas $12.99 $16.49 $19.99
Extra Portions $1.59 $1.79 $1.99

Super Combo
Pepperoni, Sausage, Beef, Black Olives, Mushrooms, Red Onions & Green Peppers

All-Meat Combo
Pepperoni, Sausage, Canadian Bacon, Beef & Bacon

BBQ Chicken
BBQ Sauce, Chicken, Red Onions & Green Peppers

Black Olives, Mushrooms, Red Onions, Green Peppers & Tomatoes

Chuck e Cheese Platters and Wings:

10 pc. wings traditional
10 pc. boneless wings (BBQ, buffalo, plain)
20 pc. wing Party Platter (choice of any 2 wing types)
40 pc. wing Family Platter (choice of any 4 wing types)
Sandwich Party Platter (3 sandwiches, fries) $19.99
Veggie Party Platter (carrots, celery, broccoli, cherry tomatos) $16.99
Sampler Party Platter (mozzerella crisps, fries, 10 wings your choice, celery, dipping sauces) $17.99

Chuck e cheese Appetizers:

Mozzarella Crisps $4.99
Italian Breadsticks $4.99
French Fries $1.99
Salad Bar(unlimited trips) $7.49
One Trip Salad Bar $6.49
Add Chicken to Salad $1.99

Chuck e cheese Sandwiches:

Chicken Ciabatta $6.99
Ham & Cheese Ciabatta $6.99
Italian Sub $6.99
Hot Dog $3.99

Chuck e cheese Desserts:

8″ Round Chocolate Cake $9.99
8″ Round Vanilla Cake $9.99
1/4 Sheet Cake – Hershey’s Chocolate $16.99
1/4 Sheet Cake – Vanilla Buttercream $16.99
 Cotton Candy  $1.99
 Ice Cream Cup (Chocolate or Vanilla)  $0.99

Chuck e cheese Beverages:

Our self serve beverage bar offers a wide selection of Pepsi products.

Regular Cup $1.99
Kids Cup $1.89
Souvenir Cup $2.88
Milk/Apple Juice $1.49
Coffee/Hot Tea $1.49
-Please note that these prices are 2012 prices for 1 location only!
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