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26 May, 2023


Get the best Pizza dough recipe here. The pizza dough is the important foundation of any good pizza. It must have the right consistency and this is not easy to perfect.

The typical pizza dough is is used on all the Neapolitan pizza (pizza napoletana) style pizzas and also the lazio style pizzas, which include:

Pizza romana: tomato, mozzarella, anchovies, oregano, oil
Pizza viennese: tomato, mozzarella, German sausage, oregano, oil
Pizza capricciosa: mozzarella, tomato, mushrooms, artichokes, cooked ham, olives, oil
Pizza quattro formaggi (“four cheese pizza”): tomatoes, and the cheeses mozzarella, stracchino, fontina, and gorgonzola. Sometimes ricotta is swapped for one of the last three.
Pizza bianca In Rome, the term pizza bianca refers to a type of bread topped with olive oil, salt and, occasionally, rosemary sprigs. It is also a Roman style to add figs to the pizza, the result being known as pizza e fichi
Pizza alla casalinga (“Grandma pizza”) consists of a thin layer of dough is stretched into an oiled, square “Sicilian” pan, topped sparingly with shredded mozzarella, crushed uncooked canned tomatoes, chopped garlic and olive oil, and baked until the top bubbles and the bottom is crisp.

Pizza Dough Recipe:

Here are the ingrtedients for one of the simplest, but most famous kinds of pizza dough:

Pizza dough ingredients:

4 1/2 cups (20.25 ounces) unbleached high-gluten, bread, or all-purpose flour, chilled
1 3/4 (.44 ounce) teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon (.11 ounce) instant yeast
1/4 cup (2 ounces) olive oil (optional)
1 3/4 cups (14 ounces) water, ice cold (40°F)
Semolina flour OR cornmeal for dusting.

Instead of long decriptions, we added a good video on Pizza dough recipes, instead:



If you want an alternative recipe, plus some good pizza making tips, then have a look at this pizza dough recipe video, as well:

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