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10 Apr, 2024
Zizzi Vouchers 2012 -2013. Get all the latest printable Zizzi voucher codes and offers on one lovely page here!

What is Zizzi’s Restaurant?

Zizzi is a chain of Italian food restaurants in the United Kingdom. The chain is  owned by Gondola Group, who also own Ask and the Pizza Express restaurants. There are just below 100 Zizzi restaurants in the UK (87 and rising). Many include a masonry oven, where pizzas are prepared in front of customers and then baked in the oven to order. The Zizzi menu also includes a selection of traditional Italian dishes, such as pasta and pizza dishes, plus mediteranian salads.

The meal prices in Zizzi restaurants are genearally very affordable and they offer good value for money. Still, a Zizzi voucher for 25% off or a 2 for 1 Zizzi voucher,  should never be dismissed and if you are looking for the current Zizzi discounbts, then you have come to the right place.


 Zizzi vouchers – Where can I find them?

There are several sites, apart from this one, that collect zizzi voucher information:

Moneysupermarket.com: This site has printable Zizzi vouchers for two main meals. The vouchers are  for £12.95, but has now expired.

Restaurantvouchers.co.uk. – Worth checking out, but many offers there have already expired and/or needs updating.

In general, you need only to check our site, as we update this page on a monthly basis.

Printable Zizzi vouchers . Do they work?

Most of the vouchers  available on the above  sites have expiring dates. Some are only valid for a certain Zizzi restaurant, so make sure you read the fine print.

Remember to check:

The expiring date:  Most sites which offer Zizzi vouchers will cancel it once it has expired. An expired zizzi voucher will generally not be accepted.

Voucher terms: The voucher may only be valid for certain  menus and dishes, such as starters. Or it might not be valid in certain locations. Always check there terms.

Number of people:  Make sure that the voucher is valid for 2 people , for example, and not just 1. It will say so in the fine print.

Look out for Fake vouchers: All vouchers have ‘Zizzi voucher codes’ which are run through a database, when you hand it over at the restaurant. If the Zizzi voucher code is invalid , then it will not be accepted.


Zizzi vouchers – General information.

In general Zizzi’s are quite generous with their vouchers. Zizzi offers, deals and discounts are often abundant in ‘dead’ periods monday-thursday, in lunch periods orafter major holidays.

We will update this page every month to inlude the latest Zizzi offers and Zizzis vouchers in the comment section. You are also very welcome to add any information about current Zizzi vouchers that you may have come across, such as did it work for you or information about new vochers.

Happy Saving!


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  1. Zizzi vouchers on

    New 25% off Zizzi voucher: Register at www. zizzi-offers.co.uk/ and get a voucher for your mobile phone. This offer is valid on Sun 26 Aug 2012 only.

    Simply show the voucher code that appears when you register. Be sure to check at what time your code is valid.

    One voucher needed per table. Not valid at the following restaurants: Beaconsfield, Henley, Inverness, Leeds The Light, Marlow, Canary Wharf, Cardiff Mermaid Quay, Durham, Earls Court, Falmouth, Greenwich, Hampton Court, Romford, Shrewsbury, St Andrews, St Katharine Dock, Harrogate, O2 Dome, Whitstable and Worcester. Includes th zizzis takeaway and Zizzis Bambini menu.

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  2. Zizzi voucher Codes on

    New zizzi voucher deal: Get 25% off zizzis food at www. zizzi-offers.co.uk/. The offer is not available every day, however. This Zizziz Offer is valid from 22nd July to 2nd September 2012.

    All disshes are included in the offer.
    The only exception is the new Cichetti range, but don’t worry as you can enjoy Zizzis Cichetti (tapas) at 3 dishes for £14 or 5 for £20 instead.

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  3. Zizzi vouchers on

    Printable Zizzi voucher:

    Get 2 Mains for Only £12.95 at Zizzi. (This offer is restricted and may not be available at all zizzi restaurants. Valid until Sunday 1st July 2012.
    EDIT: Sorry this Zizzi voucher has now expired. Please come back and check here on a regular basis.

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