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11 Jul, 2024


Olive Garden coupons can be pretty hard to find, but here we will gather the latest Olive Garden coupons information and promotions on one page. Additionally, you can find information about the Olive Garden Menu, plus get tips on deals, discounts and coupon codes for this, America’s favourite restaurant for Italian cuisine.

Olive Garden is America’s leading restaurant for Italian inspired food and drinks. The chain operates more than 725 Olive Garden branded restaurants across America, which is a phenomenal number considering that the first restaurant was not opened until on December 13, 1982, in Orlando. The company’s growth has been exceptional and is mostly down to a menu focusing on fresh produce, quality ingredients and low prices.

It is a proper family restaurant, where you will find everything for both mum and dad, the kids and even your grandparents. The Olive Garden Menu has expanded greatly since the beginning and not only offers the traditional Italian favourite like pasta and pizza entrees, but also a variety of seafood, beef and chicken dishes, inspired by the Tuscan kitchen.

For more on the menu, please see our OLIVE GARDEN MENU page.


The company doesn’t generally offer menu printable Olive Garden coupons online, as these has been abused in the past, but occassionally you do come across coupons for 2$, 3$ or 5$ off an entree or your entire bill. You can try searching online in google, under image search , but you will likely find that 99% of the Olive Garden coupons that you find this way have already expired.

Instead, we aim to give show you the links for the latest coupons and promotions here on this page in the comment section. The page will be updated every 2 months and you just need to return regularly to check out the newest deals.

Olive Garden coupon codes:

The company also offers coupon codes that need to be entered online, when you order from your computer. These codes will typically be for half price off entrees, or for 2$ or 4$ dollars off your meal.

An example is this promo code:

Coupon Code: 229.
Buy one entree and get 50% off an equal or greater value entree at Olivegarden.com.

Remember that these codes expire quickly and they may not be valid anymore, by the time you read this.

The Olive Garden coupons are usually not valid together with other promotions, but sometimes the promotions are so good that you do not even need a coupon.

For example, Olive Garden is currently running a 3 courses for 15$ promotion, that will give you a starter, a desert and an entree (choose from 7 entrees) for just 15$. This offer alone will give you a discount of at least 5$, do it is definately worth checking out. See the Olive Garden Menu page for more information.

-Please if you come across a link for a working Olive Garden coupon or a valid coupon code, then please add it in the comment section below.

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