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25 Apr, 2017


PAPA JOHNS COUPONS can be found right here.  Save 50% with the latest Papa Johns coupons and Papa Johns promo codes. Also, you can now see the find the Papa Johns Menu right here too!

If you love pizza then you must have  heard about, and probably tried, the amazing pizzas from Papa Johns. And if you have tried these pizzas once, then odds are that you keep coming back for more and probably do not mind paying full price for them either. However, I am sure that you do not mind paying half price either.. So, if you love Papa Johns pizzas and LOVE saving money too, then you have definately come to the right place.

We aim to present you with the very latest Papa Johns coupons and Papa Johns Coupon codes, in order for you to save on your next purchase. We will update the website every 2 months to keep the site fresh with the newest coupon codes at all times.

DISCLAIMER: Please, note that this website is not affiliated with the Papa Johns Pizza Company or any of the company’s trademarks in any way. This website is merely an informational hub, intended as a portal for pizza coupons and for advice about the use of Papa Johns Pizza Coupons.

What is Papa John’s Pizza ?

Papa John’s Pizza  is the 3rd largest  pizza restaurant chain of franchises in the United States, just behind Pizza Hut and the Domino’s Pizza chain. Papa Johns is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.
There are more than 3,300 Papa John’s pizza restaurants and outlets in the world, including over 2,600 in the U.S.

John Schnatter is the founder of Papa Johns Pizza. In 1984 he sold his car  to buy out the other owner of a bar, in which he worked,  and started serving pizza to hungry customers. A business empire was born.

Papa Johns credits its phenomenal growth to great customer service and quality products. The focus is on quality and simple menu, which contrasts with other pizza chains’  focus on low prices. Fewer options in crust styles  simplifies inventory management and the quality control is thereby easier to implement. However, Papa John’s has followed fashions and have expanded its menu options in recent years. Thin-crust pizzas now are available alongside, pan pizzas, and whole wheat crust pizzas. 10 specialty pizzas have also been added, many with new toppings. Four flavors of chicken wings, plus many desserts and breadsticks are also on the Papa Johns menu.


Papa John’s was one of the first pizza chains to include a garlic butter dipping sauce. with every order of original pizza. Peperoncini pepper, a traditional Italian spice, is also one of the newly added menu innovations.

Most importantly, however, was the move for Papa John’s to become the first US pizza chain to make online ordering available In January 2002, to all of its U.S. customers.
Papa John’s is also famous within the industry for developing the most advanced  resource and inventory control infrastructure yet seen.

In  2010, Papa John Pizzas marketing department hit a homerun: Customers were encouraged to design their own pizzas and then to submit them to Papa John’s for a prize of pizza for life for the winner. The Cheesey Chicken Cordon Blue specialty pizza won.

Papa John’s corporate slogan is “Better Ingredients. Better pizza. Papa John’s”.

If you are not that familiar with the brand then do yourself a favour and watch this short video from Papa John himself:


2 for 1 Papa Johns printable coupon

A Papa Johns Coupon: This is an example of a typical 2 for 1 Papa Johns printable coupon. This coupon has expired, but please have a look around our site for the very latest coupons.


Papa Johns pizza coupons comes in 2 varieties: As promo codes and as printable Papa Johns coupons (or printed coupons).

The printed coupons you are probably familiar with: These discount flyers often come through your mail or can be found in your local newspaper for you to cut out (“coupon clipping”). You will then be able to present a, say a 2 for 1 or’ buy 1 get one free’ coupon at a Papa John’s restaurant, and receive the free pizza at the checkout directly. Below you can find an example.

Papa Johns coupons printable 2012-2013 and PapaJohns coupon codes

Papa Johns coupons printable: Example of typical printable Papa Johns coupons that expire in May 2012. The easiest way to obtain Papa Johns coupons that you can print at home is still to sign up for Papa Johns Rewards program.

New Example of a Papa Johns coupon from 2012 :

Papa Johns coupons - Printable Papa Johns coupon Image

Papa Johns coupons Image from 2012. They image can be enlarged.

Papa Johns Promo codes and coupon codes:

The coupon codes , or ‘promo codes’ as they are also known, work differently. These are primarily used online, and work by added them in a promotional code box at the time of checkout on Papa Johns own website.

Below we have added some of the latest promo codes. Please not, that it is only possible to use 1 code per purchase and the the coupon codes cannot be combined with a physical coupon.

Also, please pay attention to the expire date. Once the expiry date has passed the offer or discount is no longer valid and you should look for another offer. The different deals are usually only valid for a 2 months period, but we aim to update this website with the newest Papa Johns deals every 2 months.

On you can find some good recurring deals, usually. For example, at the time of writing this you can get One Large Double Layered Premium Pepperoni or Tuscan Six Cheese Pizza for just 11$. Another favourite is the USO MEAL DEAL Two Large One-Topping Pizzas for just 20$.

However, if you are looking strictly for Papa Johns Promo codes then you are also in luck, as we have added the most popular below.

REMEMBER: The coupon codes below expire quickly and may not work anymore.

Please see the comment section of our page ‘Papa Johns promo codes’ for the very latest coupon codes.

25% off regular menu-priced items at participating locations. Expires 12/31/11.

This promo offer gives you 25% off your entire order.

Two for Tuesday — $8.99 EACH Two large 2-topping pizzas, Western New York and other participating locations

For the full list of promotional codes, please see the page PAPA JOHNS PROMO CODES on this website.

Also, if you come across newer, working coupon codes then please add them in the comment section for everyone to enjoy.


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