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Pizza Hut Menu

31 Jan, 2015


The PIZZA HUT MENU for 2012 is out. Find the Pizza Hut prices and learn about the Pizza Hut menu and why it has changed. The Pizza Hut menu changes regularly, due to changing taste and corporate decisions.

The easiest place to find the latest Pizza Hut Menu for 2012 or 2013 is theirt own website:

Oe for canadian visitors:

However, on these sites, you will be met with a prompt to enter your address details, which can be a little time consuming. The reason for this is that prices may vary from location to location, as overhead costs and rent and even local food produces will vary in price from state to state and city to city.


Below we have added a recent 2012 Pizza Hut Menu with prices. Prices change from location to location, this example is from a Miami, Florida location.

Please,check with your local Pizza Hut restaurant for current prices.

Specialty Pizzas:
Large -Medium.

Pepperoni Lover’s:
$16.24 $13.24

Meat Lover’s:
$16.24 $13.24

Cheese Lover’s Plus:
$16.24 $13.24

Veggie Lover’s:
$16.24 $13.24

Supreme And Super Supreme:
$16.24 $13.24

Personal Pan Pizza:
up to 3 toppings.

Pick a Crust:
Pan Pizza, Hand Tossed, Thin’n Crispy Pizza, Stuffed Crust Pizza, Full House XL Pizza.

Medium 1 Topping – Medium Cheese.

$10.24 $8.99.
Extra Topping: $1.25.

Large 1 Topping – Large Cheese Pizza:

$13.24 $11.74.
Extra Topping: $1.50

These are the Toppings to choose from::
Veggies: red onions, green peppers, pineapple, extra cheese, jalapenos, meat: pepperoni, italian sausage, beef topping, ham, chicken, bacon, pork topping,  black olives, tomatoes, mushrooms.

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dew.

Chicken Wings Menu:

Bone-Out – Bone-In Or Traditional
10 Wings $6.49 $5.99
20 Wings $11.99 $10.99
40 Wings $20.99 $19.99

Wing Flavors:
Cajun, Spicy Bbq, Honey Bbq, Garlic Parmesan, Buffalo.

Choice Of Three Levels Of Heat:
Burnin’ Hot, Medium, Mild.


WingStreet Taters $2.99
Fried Cheese Sticks $3.39
6 For Apple Pies $3.99

Pizza Hut Dips:
Ranch, Blue Cheese, Marinara.

The Pizza Hut delivery menu is similar to the Pizza Hut menu above.

Below is an example of a typical Pizza Hut Menu. For the reasons stated above, the menu might differ in your area and other countries might also have different items on the menu.

Pizza Hut Menu 2012 and 2013: This Pizza Hut Menu is meant as a guide and example only, and the menu might have changed by the time you read this.

Pizza Hut Menu 2012/2013: This Pizza Hut Menu is meant as a guide and example only. To ENLARGE please CLICK on the image TWICE. Please see our coupons pages for the latest Pizza Hut Coupons, as well.


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